Pisces Weekly Horoscope from May 24 to May 30

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WEEK OF May 24 – 30, 2021

If you’re like most Pisces out there, 2022 has felt rather nebulous. Sure, there are developments happening, but it’s been hard to connect to that motivating passion. That sluggish vibe could transform into kinetic energy on Wednesday, May 26, when a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Sagittarius charges up your tenth house of aspiration and success. If this doesn’t trigger a tsunami of possibilities (where formerly you saw a lonely road), we’d be surprise. This manifestation is the culmination of all your hard work of the past six months, both internally and ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com externally. (See, Pisces: People did notice!)

But even if this spells the end of one chapter, there’s so much more to come. Seize the moment to leverage all that you’ve accomplished, then take things to the next level. Look back to June 5, 2020: What got unlocked then? That was the date of the first lunar eclipse in this pairing, so build upon that initiative.

Modesty begone! There won’t be another eclipse like this one for nearly a decade, and if you want to maximize its powers, you have to toot your own horn. Take ownership of your talent and let an influential person know. What you would love to get involved in next. Under these potent—and candid—moonbeams, a little self-promotion can take you a long way. As you connect with the right people over the next six months, you may be invite into some elite circles or to give a presentation on your area of expertise.

Pop-up reminder: You can’t please everyone, Pisces. If you find yourself jumping through hoops this Thursday, stop that circus mid-act. With your ruling planet, boundary-blurring Neptune, getting clippe by magnanimous Venus, it will be hard to know where your limits lie. Plus, you instinctively love to give and help! The problem comes in when you drain your resources or cram your schedule with more than any mere mortal should squeeze into a 24-hour period.